Renewable Energy

Solar Systems



We are dedicated to providing adequately sized, professionally designed and installed Photovoltaic Systemsto all level consumers in the country. Green Resources Company is committed to promoting energy independence with the installation of Solar Electric Systemsin our local communities, with over 100 systems installed in the last few years. We take exceptional pride in all our work from preliminary design through permitting. installation, finalinspection and interconnection with the grid. Allour personnel, design and installation teams comprise of enthusiastic people who share a common goal. of using solar energy for a brighter future for all. Our installers are well trained and certified as team leaders. We have continuous product research on the industry’ s top-quality system components. Our familiarity from the use of these components, our team has the ability torecommend a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs. Because of our passion for this new and exciting renewable energy technology, we are constantly updating our skills.



Green Resources company has participated in UNDP project Solar For Health project that was carried out across the country solarizing hospitals. We did four (4) by 40 Kw systems at Hospitals as the first phase and quite anumberin the second phase as shownin the table below. We also distribute portable lighting systems to improve the quality of life for the girl child, those that lack reliable electricity access. They help extend the children reading time after dark, increase the number of productive, income-generating hours in a day. Portable lighting systems allow families and communities to safely and socialize after sun set and the replace field based source oflight like paraffinlamps. Green Resources company also provide solar water pumping solution or solarisation of water pumping solution in farms, hospital/clinics and any other irrigation practice institution. The design caters for water pumping solution to aslittle as shallow wells, dams and boreholes. We support Agric Division through design of water pumping solutions and solar crop dryer for correct crop preservation for farmers who produce more.




Green Resources also taking part in the upgrade of existing base stations from 2G and 3G sites to 4G. we are also expanding network coverage to areas where previously had limited or no network coverage. We are also expanding its 5G network in Zimbabwe. GRC is carrying out solarisation of network base stations for telecoms to counter load shading and to reduce over reliance on diesel generators. GRC is registered contractor with Econet Wireless on the implementation of the solarisation projects across the country. Green Resources Company is also responsible for professional energy audits, technical feasibility study, engineering and O&M services for all projects they do. These services are also available to projects developers, companies, funders and owners of solar PV projects.




The division offers consultancy services to industries, NGOs, CBOs, Government, miners, farmers and property developers. The aim of the services is to identify the environmental, social, and economic impacts of development projects, so that damage can be prevented or mitigation action taken. GRC offers Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to clients that legally require the study. GRC has carried assessments on various projects inthe country and has the mandate to do so from the board (EMA). Examples of projects thatrequire EIAsinclude mining, construction (roads, buildings, bridges, power generation etc.) telecommunication, electricity distribution lines, all in all. projects that have got significant impact to the environment. Green Resources Company is @ member of the Environmental Professional Council of Zimbabwe (EPCOZ); a member of Business Council for Sustainable Development of Zimbabwe (BCSDZ), Renewable Energy Association of Zimbabwe (REAZ), the Gold Miners Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) and Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU).


Stack emission Monitoring. is the process of evaluating the characteristics of industrial, gas, stream emissions into the atmosphere. Materials emitted to the air from these sources can be solid, liquid, or gas; organic orinorganic. Itis done to demonstrate compliance to limited permitted processes (Environmental act (20; 27) GRC has experience in stack emission monitoring using the latest calibrated German testing equipment optima 7 and Casellainstruments.



Green Resources Company has helped organisations to minimize the risk of accidents and work related ilinesses. Workers' participation influences its effectiveness. Numerous cases and experience confirm that workers' participation in OSH management can result in improved safety, health and well-being of workers. The participation can be implemented as indirect (through representatives) or direct, weak or strong, formal or informal. Development of worker's participation in OSH management is supported by legal regulations as well as standards and guidance on OSH management systems OHSAS 18001. GRC provides clients with integrated management system that houses the three ISO systems of OHSAS 45001, 14001 and ISO 9001.



We aim to balance sustainable national and international developments, adaptive research and monitoring, management of natural resources guided by sustainable development goals and other policy frameworks on environmental management issues. Guide or appraise local and international environmental authorities on biodiversity studies, baseline surveys, master- plans, and sustainable resource harvesting. We work to promote ecotourism developments, conduct desktop reviews of related Bio-diversity Conservation Policies, Frameworks and Instruments, design related databases and spatial mapping of bio-diversity hot spots.



  • Solar water pumping
  • Agri-business training
  • Landscaping
  • Resource tracking
  • Marketlinkage
  • Horticulture and smalllivestock Production